Froud/Windling Transcripts

of the October 28, 1999 online interview at


Wendy-BrianF: One of the reasons for the book was because people didn't believe in faeries until they saw one dead!
Moderator: Ohhhh -- the Tinkerbelle Effect!
Wendy-BrianF: The books paved the way for me to do Good Faeries Bad Faeries
Wendy-BrianF: I'd like to remind everybody
Wendy-BrianF: No Faeries Were Harmed In The Makings Of Those Books!
Wendy-BrianF: GA
Moderator: asks: For Terri -- How has the acceleration of technology -- which must be great for sf -- changed the world of fantasy? Or has it?
TerriWindling: Well, oh gosh how do I answer that
Moderator: 25 words or less!
* Moderator smiles *
TerriWindling: Since fantasy isn't about technology, the accelleration has an impact not at all. But it's changed the lives of fantasy writers and editors. I get to live in England and work for a New York publisher!
TerriWindling: GA
Moderator: asks: For Brian and Wendy: did you two always know that this would be what you would want to do in your life?
TerriWindling: Wendy -- No. I want to be a scientist. But I had no math skills
Moderator: Uh-oh -- Wendy's taken over Terri's body!!!
Wendy-BrianF: Brian. No only when the art teacher told me this was what I would be doing.
Wendy-BrianF: GA
Moderator: So that's all it takes, huh? A persistent art teacher! Too bad they're cutting back on art in the public schools...
Moderator: asks: Wendy and Brian, what do you think when your fans began creating art very much like yours? it has influenced me so much!
Wendy-BrianF: Somebody who believes in you. Yes
Wendy-BrianF: I'm flattered by fans who copy my style
Wendy-BrianF: And I say "YES"
Wendy-BrianF: Srtteal from the best
Wendy-BrianF: That's a tradition in art
Wendy-BrianF: Eventually they find their way
Wendy-BrianF: Wendy--
Wendy-BrianF: I feel the same way
Wendy-BrianF: I think people need to develope a style of their own, but it often starts by mimicing something you like
Wendy-BrianF: GA
Moderator: Curious here, Brian and Wendy -- do either of you ever use computer programs (Metacreations Painter comes to mind) when you're creating your artwork?
Wendy-BrianF: Brian -- Yes I do use the compuer, but I don't use Painter. I use Phtoshop as an aid to my drawing
Wendy-BrianF: Wendy -- I don't go near computers except for mail
Wendy-BrianF: GA
Moderator: asks: have you ever though of combine efforts and doing a childrens show, this world could use it.
Wendy-BrianF: Well I think that the book Terri and I did would make a great show
TerriWindling: I do too Wendy
TerriWindling: GA
Moderator: asks: Do you have a website where i can e-mail you?
Wendy-BrianF: you can send us email through the website, but we aren't always good at answering!
**NOTE: The Froud's do not have an email address you can write to, rather you can mail your personal messages to the address found on their website or leave a message for the Froud's on the Froud Forum board
Wendy-BrianF: GA
Moderator: Two questions...
Moderator: : Wendy, I noticed that from certain facial angles, that Yoda bore an uncanny resemblance to the late Walter Brennan. A happy coincidence?
Moderator: : Wendy, was Yoda meant to look a bit Japanese? I think he looks a lot like Pat Morita (I'm asian myself)
Moderator: Who does Yoda REALLY look like?
Wendy-BrianF: Yoda wasn't meant to look like anyone out side my family!
Wendy-BrianF: Besides, he's green
Wendy-BrianF: GA
Moderator: Yr mother?
Moderator: Yr father?
Moderator: That aunt who always forgot yr birthday?
Moderator: Last question for the evening:
Moderator: asks: what advice would you give to the emerging artist intrested in folklore and fey?
Moderator: asks: brian, do you have any advice for a aspiring artist?
Wendy-BrianF: Brian -- Well, it's a job
TerriWindling: Read the folklore masters. Go to galleries. Walk in the woods. That's what you need to be an artist or storyteller
Wendy-BrianF: Wendy -- Get away from genre come back to it later
TerriWindling: Read Joseph Campbell!
TerriWindling: And Lewis Hyde
TerriWindling: his Trickster book is great
Moderator: Brian Froud, Wendy Froud and Terri Windling -- thanks for joining us here tonight. Brian Froud's new book is Good Faeries, Bad Faeries -- and it's a lovely addition to any library. And Yes, there will be a transcript -- up at -- in a couple of days.
Wendy-BrianF: I agreee with every they said
Wendy-BrianF: Fantasy is not from life but an engagement a retreat
Moderator: Thanks, Brian, Wendy & Terri!!!!
Wendy-BrianF: Thanks for having us!
TerriWindling: Yes. This was fun!
Moderator: It was a pleasure!
Moderator: Thanks to everyone in the audience too -- we had more questions that we had time to answer them and I appologize if we didn't get to yours.
Moderator: We're going to go UNmoderated now.
Moderator: Hold on...