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Good Faeries
...Bad Faeries

Called by Simon & Schuster “the most successful illustrated book ever published by the company”, GOOD FAERIES, BAD FAERIES, the sequel to FAERIES, emerged as an instant classic and has sold nearly 500,000 copies to date.

In this richly imagined book, celebrated artist Brian Froud reveals the secrets he has learned from the faeries -- what their noses and shoes look like, what mischief and what gentle assistance they can give, and what their souls and dreams are like. The faery kingdom, we find, is as subject to good and evil as the human realm. Brilliantly documenting both the dark and the light, Good Faeries/Bad Faeries presents a world of enchantment and magic that deeply compels the imagination. Crammed with Froud's full-colour paintings, and bound in a reversible format with good faeries on one side and bad on the other, this is an attractive gift book sure to delight any fan of fantasy art.

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