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The Fairy Faith

The Fairy Faith

(by John Walker)

"People often ask me 'How do you see faeries?' I say, 'Well you don't see them through the eyes: You see them through your heart."~ Brian Froud

A 77 minute, 35mm documentary film by Canadian film maker, John Walker. This provocative and exceptionally beautiful film explores present day believers in faery all over the world, and features a rare inverview with Brian Froud in his home in Devon. Brian feels that THE FAIRY FAITH is the best film he has yet seen on the subject of faeries and their existence here and now.

"Fairy lore has been with us for thousands of years: The Greek fawns and satyrs, the Roman furies, the Genies, the Celtic Shie and the English pixies and elves. But the notion that they might still be with us had not occurred to me for a long time."~ filmmaker John Walker

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