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(by Jim Henson starring David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and Toby Froud)

"In the very early stages, Jim and I were discussing what it might be about and we decided 'goblins.' From there, I started to create pictures and drawings. I filled sketchbook after sketchbook, doodling in corners, creating hundreds of creatures." ~ Brian Froud
Brian Froud produced hundreds of drawings of different types of goblin which gave inspiration to screenwriter Terry Jones.

"Every time I was stuck and needed something to happen, I'd look through Brian's drawings, and there would be a new character, speaking to me." ~ Terry Jones

In 1986, the movie 'Labyrinth' introduced the world to a set of unforgettable goblins from the minds of Brian Froud and Jim Henson. David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly invite you into a magical universe where nothing is what it seems! Babysitting infant stepbrother Toby (played by Toby Froud) on a weekend night isn't young Sarah's (Connelly) idea of fun. Frustrated by his crying, she secretly imagines the Goblins from her favorite book, Labyrinth, carrying Toby away. When her fantasy comes true, a distraught Sarah must enter a maze of illusion to bring Toby back from a kingdom inhabited by mystical creatures and governed by the wicked Goblin King (Bowie).

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